3 Tips and Solutions to Staging the Perfect Home!

February 2, 2015 | Home Selling

#1 Clean Clean Clean!
I always say clean your home and you’re half way there. Clean like you’re going to be entertaining for Christmas or a major holiday. You are inviting people into your home to make one of the most important and most expensive purchase decisions in their lives and the least you can do is have a clean home. So clean, dust, vacuum, take out the trash, take out the recycling, put the dishes away, put clothes away, that is the bare minimum that should be done. Everything looks better when it’s clean!

#2 The Kitchen
One of the most important rooms in the house is the kitchen. If the Kitchen is not up to par, a buyer will not be happy. If cabinets are dated there are several things you can do; change out just the doors and update the hardware (make sure you buy hardware with the same holes as the old ones), paint or stain is also another option. This is a less expensive alternative to brand new cabinets, however, if the cabinets are so old that they are broken or damaged or just beyond a quick fix, then it may be time to get all new cabinets. Choose a neutral colour, white or espresso colour is trending right now, so is a darker grey. As far as appliances go, stainless-steel is king, everyone wants it. There are stainless-steel stick-on coverings for dishwashers which is a low cost way of going from old and dated to modern, but if you don’t have stainless, no matter what you have, just make sure it’s clean! Counter tops are huge when it comes to kitchens, and they are a great selling feature, for a less expensive investment get a remnant from a vendors previous project, especially if you don’t need a huge piece.

#3 Bathrooms
Bathrooms are another major room needing special attention. Nothing should be in your bathroom except the basics, that’s your bath/shower, toilet, sink. Remove anything that doesn’t belong, no need for magazines, flowers, extra chairs, etc., less is more. Put away any personal items, toothbrush, hairbrush, pills, etc., no one needs or wants to see these things. You want your bathroom to look like an upscale hotel bathroom. Fresh white linens, minimal décor, one simple candle, clean clean clean! Scrub your shower walls, clean grout, paint the walls if you need to, using a neutral paint colour. Use a fresh shower curtain or change out the shower door if it’s just beyond cleaning, if your tiles are dated you can now paint them, it’s a little elbow grease that will go a long way.

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