It takes a lot more than a “For Sale” sign to sell your home in Windsor & Essex County.  We know that, and apply our strategies, to ensure you get the most for your home.

How do we do it? The market is competitive, and we rely on a proven system of skills and processes to help sell your home in a meaningful way, which includes:

Decades of Experience

Everything from your final sale price, to the process of getting there, is reliant on the experience of the team you trust. We know there’s real value in knowing what you need to know in order both sell your home and get the highest return.

Establishing & Optimizing Value

The real estate market is truly a combination of what buyers and sellers agree to when it comes to buying and selling homes. It trends up and down, and it typically relies on how well your team can articulate the value of your home.

“I had a great experience with the Dan Gemus Team! My home was listed during the pandemic and as a result, new policy and procedures were being implemented daily. They kept me informed and took the proper precautions to protect my health and home throughout the process.”

- Lisa Deheer

Strategic Pricing Is Key

As part of our system based on establishing value, we provide pricing strategies to identify and attract the highest pool of qualified buyers possible. It’s something of an art, and it takes time, research, and investment to get the best results.

Professionally Preparing Your Home

We help our clients understand all of the little things about their home that need to be improved to gain a better result. We focus on repairs that optimize value, assure buyers, and help your home look fantastic.

After performing a walk-through with our clients, we provide a list of recommended repairs and fixes. Sometimes, the cost of a new dishwasher and fridge is significantly less than the sale value created by a refreshed kitchen.

Staging To Sell

It’s a proven fact that buyers respond better to depersonalized spaces. That means removing as much of yourselves from your home as possible before potential buyers come in.

Buyers want to be able to imagine their lives in homes they’re considering. Things like family photos or the dog’s bed end up being distracting. Sound like a difficult task? We’ll work with you to take action to stage your home effectively.

Marketing Truly Matters

The goal of marketing is to get as many potential buyers to see your home, in the shortest possible timeframe. This ratchets up competition for it, drives up its value, and results in a larger return for you.

Our listings feature high-quality photography, a well-conceived, hosted video tour, and a 3D walk-through. We also make active use of social media, have our own local radio show and are always looking for new and innovative ways to generate interest in our listed properties.

Your Sale Deserves a Team

When our collection of experts gets to work, we build relationships with our clients, prepare their homes, and sell them for the highest amount. We do it by providing exemplary service, prompt communication, and more.

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