General Checklist:

  •  Get estimates from moving companies.
  •  Transfer or resign from club or association memberships.
  •  Sell, donate, give away and discard unnecessary belongings.
  •  Get school records for transfer to new schools.
  •  Get all medical, dental, birth, baptism & marriage records.
  •  Set up bank accounts in new city.
  •  Revise your will and other legal paper (if necessary)
  •  Check storage facilities.
  •  Defrost and clean fridge before moving; clean stove.
  •  Use up perishable food.
  •  Arrange for work to be done at the new home.
  •  Plan for children & pets on moving day.
  •  Cancel cleaning company, pool maintenance, gardener, and snow removal.
  •  Ensure you have adequate insurance for goods in transit.
  •  Pack a suitcase with items you’ll need the first day in your new home.
  •  Leave the house clean for new occupants.

Packing Checklist:

  •  Get packing paper, pad for inventory, marking pens and boxes.
  •  Heavy twine, masking tape, label maker
  •  Get boxes or large containers.
  •  Empty gas from lawnmower, outboard motors, etc.
  •  Remove batteries from toys or appliances.
  •  Mark cartons clearly as to contents and room to be put in.
  •  Set aside things you will carry in your car; mark as “Do Not Load”.
  •  Mark cartons you want loaded last & unloaded first.
  •  Tie or tape mops and brooms into bundles.
  •  Point out and mark fragile or delicate items.
  •  Carry money, jewelry and valuable papers with you.
  •  Do not overload drawers when packing items in dressers.
  •  Liquids in bottles should have tops secured.
  •  Blankets are best moved in large boxes; towels and pillows in dresser drawers.
  •  Pack lampshades in boxes by themselves.
  •  Table lamps should be packed.
  •  Do not leave shelves loose in the fridge & stove.
  •  Small appliances should be wrapped and packed in the bottom of boxes.
  •  Do not pack cleaning products in the same box as food.
  •  Move clothes and drapes in a wardrobe supplied by mover.
  •  Do not wrap furniture or tie with a rope.
  •  Large power tools should be dismantled for moving.

Remember to notify:

  • Accountant
  • Banks / Finance companies
  • Insurance Broker
  • Utility Companies
  • Church
  • Credit cards
  • Dentist – get referral
  • Doctor – get referral
  • Driver’s license
  • Healthcard
  • Prescriptions to new pharmacy
  • Child Tax Benefit
  • Housecleaning Service
  • Internet Provider
  • Lawyer
  • Library
  • Security Company
  • Maternity Benefits
  • Newspapers
  • Old age security/Canada Pension
  • Post office – Fill out “Change of Address” forms
  • Schools
  • Cancel Gym Membership
  • Subscriptions (magazines etc.)

Call before moving:

  •  Telecom: Bell Telephone  1-866-845-2998
  •  Cable:     Cable TV Cogeco  1-877-846-7863
  •  Utilities:  Chatham-Kent  1-866-804-7325
    E.L.K. Energy Inc.  519-776-5291
    ENWIN Utilities  519-255-2727
    Essex Powerlines  519-737-6640
    Hydro One Toll Free  1-888-664-9376
    Enbridge Gas  1-877-362-7434
  •  Water:     Amherstburg  519-737-6640
    Chatham-Kent  1-866-804-7325
    Essex  519-738-6804
    Kingsville  519-733-2305 Press 2
    LaSalle  519-969-7770 ext. 1230
    Leamington  519-326-5761 ext. 1215
    Tecumseh  519-737-6640
    Tilbury  1-866-804-7325
    Wheatly  1-866-804-7325
    Windsor  519-255-2727
  •  Internet:  Bell, Cogeco, MNSi, Rogers, Xplornet

Moving Out:

  •  All meters read
  •  Furnace turned down
  •  Lights turned off
  •  Windows and doors shut and locked
  •  Keys are to be delivered to lawyers
  •  Make arrangements for keys to new home
  •  Leave house clean for new occupants

Moving In:

  •  Have children and pets elsewhere
  •  Be on hand for movers
  •  Check off numbered boxes
  •  Check each carton for damage or loss
  •  List claims for damages
  •  Pay movers
  •  Unpack everything
  •  Get appliances hooked up
  •  Get kitchen and bedrooms set up first

After the move:

  •  Review checklist to make sure everything has been done.
  •  List all necessary phone numbers and put them by telephone.
  •  Change all locks.
  •  Introduce yourselves to your new neighbours.
  •  Explore and get to know your new neighbourhood.

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