‘Climate Action’ is the theme for the 50th Earth Day Anniversary

April 22, 2020 | Nature

From a global perspective, we are faced with adapting our habitual way of living. These moments of crisis help highlight our core values and help us focus on the health and well-being of our family, friends and community.  

‘Climate Action’ is the theme for the 50th Earth Week anniversary.  Although neither comfort or solace is found in the suffering of many, every global crisis presents an opportunity for the world to unite and evolve. 


Let us take a moment to refocus our attention to the positive impacts that support our environment and how the earth has benefited during the COVID era. Over the past few months air quality has improved as there has been stark reduction in pollution levels as well as C02 emissions and greenhouse gases across the globe; furthermore, animals have started making their way back into public spaces and a hole in our ozone is starting to repair itself.  There is no question that our Mother Earth is enjoying the opportunity to take a deep cleansing breath!


Are these changes sustainable?

Will this change in focus as a result of the pandemic stick or will we just return to old habits? 

To commemorate this Golden anniversary benchmark, we have compiled a list of 50 simple practices that we can take action on to serve our planet and reduce our carbon, eco and water footprints now and when the world is ready for us to move forward as ‘normal’. Furthermore, with our mild weather and access to local produce, many of these practices are easily accomplished here in Windsor and Essex County throughout the majority of the year. 


50 simple practices to serve our planet

  1. Buy durable for less waste
  2. Less driving and travel means lower emissions
  3. More home cooking and family time
  4. Pick up litter while you’re out walking, on a hike or at the park
  5. Start a backyard compost
  6.  When conditions permit, walk or ride your bike to run errands to reduce emissions
  7.  Plant a garden
  8.  More quality family time and less screen time
  9.  Buy local
  10.  Encourage sharing and helping within your community
  11.  Dry your clothes on the line
  12.  Recycle properly
  13.  Eat low on the food chain – more fruits, vegetable and grains
  14.  Eat less meat and dairy products
  15.  Use natural cleaners
  16.  Use reusable containers and straws
  17.  Buy products made from recycled materials
  18.  Get outdoors and plug in to nature
  19.  Open windows for fresh air before turning on air conditioning
  20.  Make a meal plan to avoid food waste
  21.  Freeze leftovers 
  22.  Choose organic and local foods that are in season
  23.  Conserve water 
  24.  Wash laundry in cold water
  25.  Do an energy audit of your home
  26.  Look for energy star appliances and products
  27.  Turn lights and tv off when you leave a room
  28.  Consider the benefits of a hybrid vehicle
  29.  Get politically active – support climate change
  30.  When running errands try to combine them to reduce the amount of driving
  31.  Change incandescent light bulbs to LEDS
  32.  Use a low flow shower head or toilet
  33.  Turn your hot water heater down
  34.  Simplify your life – embrace a minimalist lifestyle
  35.  Install a programmable thermostat
  36.  Commit to green practices
  37.  Seal heating and cooling ducts and keep on top of equipment maintenance
  38.  Add insulation, weatherstipping or caulking to windows, doors, attic hatches
  39.  Buy used or refurbished 
  40.  Pack a waste free lunch as often as possible
  41.  Carry a reusable mug
  42.  Use paperless technology
  43.  Use rechargeable batteries
  44.  Purchase refillable ink cartridges
  45.  Borrow from family and friends instead of buying
  46.  Adjust your driving style and vehicle maintenance to improve gas mileage
  47.  Consider solar power
  48.  Use natural, cruelty free products
  49.  Plant trees
  50.  Lead by example. Teach your children the value of being thrifty and socially responsible


How many of these can you commit to?  What would you add to the list?


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