Show 319 – 23rd February (Sunday)

Show Description

Welcome to The Dan Gemus Real Estate Show, live on AM800 on this Sunday Morning.

Each show Dan is joined in the studio with members from The Dan Gemus Real Estate Team. This week we have Andrew Paper (Media & Marketing Manager), Lisa Moretto (Sales Rep.) and Heather Marentette (Sales Rep.)

This weeks discussion includes:

  • Dan has just found out about Catan. Who else on the team (or in the studio) is a super nerd?
  • Where rental prices stand countrywide. Where does Windsor fall?
  • Dubys Home Reno Tip with Niki Gemus
  • Property Management Tip of the Week with Patrice Surette from Goldmar Property Management

This show’s host, Dan Gemus, is the Broker/CEO of the largest real estate team in Windsor and Essex County!

Broadcast LIVE on AM800 CKLW at 7am on 23rd February 2020.

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