Should I or Should I Not List in the Winter?

February 4, 2015 | Home Selling

One of the questions we hear most often when sitting down with sellers is “Should we list our home in the winter or wait until spring?” And although it’s a fair question to ask, our answer always surprises. Think of it this way, ask any of your friends or family when they think the best time to sell a home would be? The answer the majority will likely give is “spring”. It’s most certainly true, most home owners plan to list in the spring and summer. What most sellers aren’t considering however is one of two things. First and foremost, a buyer doesn’t typically care if it’s raining, snowing, warm or cold out! They just want to find a home that suits them and move right on in! They’re searching the MLS and all year round. That being said, would you rather list your home at the same time as every other seller in Windsor and Essex County? Or would you rather have your home on the market when there’s LESS competition on the MLS?! I’m thinking the answer may be a little clearer for you!

We’re very lucky here in the Windsor area, we don’t accumulate that much snow and our winters are fairly mild. Both of which really help in our market. We often tell our clients that in 2013 The Dan Gemus Real Estate Team’s 2 busiest sales months were January and August.

Like in many aspects of life, I truly believe that we get back what we put in, that being said, the time of year your listing goes up doesn’t matter, the marketing and networking techniques your Real Estate Team or Realtor use to get the word out about your property is what truly makes the difference. Happy home selling!

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