Welcome To Belle River

The mile-high overview.

Belle River is a beautiful agricultural community that’s to the east of Windsor and on Lake St. Clair. Living in Belle River means enjoying the country surroundings and having a quiet, safe place to raise a family. People here do tend to commute to Windsor.

What our clients have liked.

People living in Belle River have taken advantage of the availability of approachable home prices, which includes many newer homes.

What our clients were looking for.

Overall, our clients envision living in Belle River as the ideal of small town life – away from the busy core of Windsor, but close enough to take advantage of the city’s draw.

What’s here that isn’t anywhere else?

People in Belle River just love the quiet, rural lifestyle and the access to Lake St. Claire.

What puts it over the top?

Many of our clients have found themselves living in Belle River simply for the availability and affordability of the houses there – especially as compared to other parts of Windsor and Essex.

What’s the long term value?

We see a great outlook for Belle River. As the region grows, the area will become more and more popular with commuters.

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