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The mile-high overview.

For many new homeowners, living in Harrow offers a comforting, small town feel on the shores of Lake Erie, with proximity to Windsor.

What our clients have liked.

For house hunters, living in Harrow starts with some very affordable home prices, and leads to the enjoyment of the area’s super friendly atmosphere.

What our clients were looking for.

Being removed from Windsor gives living in Harrow a small town feel, with easy access to Windsor.

What’s here that isn’t anywhere else?

The Harrow area features a number of highly regarded wineries, and the Harrow Fair is officially “Ontario’s most successful agricultural fair.”

What puts it over the top?

We see Harrow as a “best kept secret.” Real estate moves slower here, which means very reasonable prices.

What’s the long term value?

While it’s just a bit of a trek to Windsor, Harrow will stay popular with the “Urban Fringe Dweller” set.

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