Trying To Channel The Luck of The Irish? These Superstitions Could Help You Sell Your Home

March 11, 2018 | Home Buying

We know that selling your home can be a complicated process. From the piles of paperwork to all the
time you spend waiting and hoping that a buyer will offer your asking price. It makes sense that countless
superstitions have been developed over centuries to help homeowners deal with the stress and
uncertainty of the entire process. Whether you’re downsizing, relocating or just want a new space to call
home, there’s no reason why the stars can’t align for you! Rub that crystal ball, cross your fingers and
take a look at these age-old house-selling superstitions:

Clean Out Bad Energy

A simple smudging ceremony can supposedly remove all bad vibes and energies and replace them with
harmony and light. Burning a bundle of dried sage leaves is an ancient tradition that has roots in Native
American culture. In some First Nations and Native American ceremonies, certain herbs are traditionally
used to purify or bless people and places, sage being the most common to ward away bad energy.

Numbers Are Important

Numbers hold a lot of mystique and their importance is still observed in today’s real estate market and
development. Luck in real estate is supposedly found in the last non-zero digit of the sale price. In
Chinese culture, the number 4 is considered unlucky and the number 8 is thought fortuitous. This
originates from the phonetic pronunciation of the numbers: “eight” sounds similar to the Chinese word for
prosperity and wealth, while “four” mimics the word for death. Want to try it out for yourself? List an asking
price of $308,000 versus $304,000 and see what happens!

Go Out The Way You Came In

This superstition likely has old Irish roots. Doors are often regarded as symbols of transition, and as such,
all visitors (including potential buyers who are viewing your home), should be invited to exit through the
same door that they entered.

Fennel Seeds Ward Away Bad Luck

In Medieval Europe, the herb fennel was hung over doorways or put into keyholes to prevent bad luck
and sorcery from entering into the home. If you just can’t seem to sell your home, try planting some good
vibes with strategically placed fennel seeds.

Timing Is Everything

The entire process of moving is always easier (and more efficient) when it’s strategically planned. Not
only do you need physical supplies to get the job done, but it’s unlucky to put your home up for sale or
move into your new home on a Friday, Saturday, or rainy day. According to Native American tradition,
Thursday is the luckiest day of the week. Other Western culture superstitions claim that April, July, and
November are the most unlucky months to move.

Bake Cookies For Your Open House

While baking cookies will clearly give everyone in whiff-range a wonderful sensory experience, it might be
more of a strategy than a superstition. Folklore states that having a fresh batch of cookies in the oven
could bring good luck before you show your home. While there is obviously no guarantee that this could
actually change your luck, at the very least it’ll fill the air with the scent of home sweet home.

Sweep In The Mornings

Tradition in West Africa states you should do all of your housework at the beginning of the day. If you’re
looking to sell your house fast, don’t sweep your home at night, or you might just brush away all of your
good fortune!

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