5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Trick-Or-Treaters

October 16, 2017 | Holidays

There’s no doubt that Halloween is all about the scares, but as a homeowner, the last thing you need is real-life injuries on your property! Amp up the fun and minimize the hazards this year with these five simple tips that will keep trick-or-treaters safe and sound from the moment they lay eyes on your spooky setup.

1. Tighten Railings
If your porch railings are loose or unsafe to lean on, make sure you hire a handyman or get the issue taken care of yourself before Halloween. Although your usual guests may know to avoid the hazard, Halloween visitors won’t, and the last thing you want is a terrified trick-or-treater loosing their balance and seriously injuring themselves on your front porch.

2. Increase Wattage Of Outdoor Lights
Increasing the level of brightness surrounding your home helps make sure that all visitors can actually see where they’re walking to avoid tripping or falling on uneven ground or a strategically placed decoration. Check your outdoor light fixtures and swap your normal bulbs out for the highest wattage they allow. Don’t want to mess with the fixtures? Add some simple solar powered lawn lights on the grass along your sidewalk.

3. Eliminate Fire Hazards
Avoid using real candles in any lanterns or pumpkins that you place out for decoration. One trip or misstep is a fire waiting to happen. Pick up a package of LED bulb faux candles that will emit a realistic yellow flickering light that looks incredibly similar to the real thing but without the impending danger.

4. Clear The Curb
There’s no doubt that on Halloween your street will be full of families and pets walking from house to house. Make it easier and safer for everyone involved by clearing parked cars off the curb in front of your home so cars passing by have better visibility of trick-or-treaters. You can even pick up a reflective “watch for children” sign to place near the edge of the road to remind drivers to slow down if you live in a higher traffic area.

5. Use Friction Tape On Steps
Some porches or paths can get very slippery when wet and unfortunately, we don’t always have pristine weather on Halloween. Pick up some friction tape to help little feet grip the ground better and if you’re concerned about a temperature drop, pick up some ice melt/salt just in case the first freeze makes an appearance earlier than expected. It’ also important to keep your walkways clear of obstacles so excited visitors don’t trip over potted plants or pumpkins on their way to the candy bowl.

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