Traditional, Spooky or Sweet: What’s Your Home’s Halloween Personality?

October 6, 2017 | Holidays

Before they even get a chance to think about the candy selection, trick-or-treaters will be on the hunt for houses in Windsor and other parts of the county that are decked out for Halloween. How your house is decorated says a lot about how you celebrate the holiday and what it means to you personally. The best part about Halloween is that there are countless directions to take when it comes to themes and styles. Whether it’s sophisticated, playful, subtle or over the top, there are more decorations available these days than ever before to help you execute your unique concept.

In the past Halloween decorations were often expensive, especially the elaborate ones but with a growing community of DIYers online, there is nothing you can’t accomplish on your own with scraps, basic craft supplies and a little creativity!

From traditional harvest to family-friendly to maximum spookiness, make sure you’re staying focused on a central theme so all the lighting, effects and props lend themselves to the bigger picture.


Harvest Theme
Looking for something simple and subtle? Buy or make a wreath for your front door and take it up a notch with moss and plastic critters. Pumpkins are an easy way to say Happy Halloween without all the bells and whistles. Whether you carve them with your favourite design or hollow them out to hold flowers, they’re a simple and fun addition to any porch.


Super Spooky
If you’re going for a scary feast for the eyes, you’ve got tons of options when it comes to decor! Whether it’s skeletons in a graveyard, critters and creepy crawlers everywhere or a bloody and gory horror scene, you’re guaranteed to shake up the neighbourhood. Think about incorporating fog machines, special lighting and webs hanging from trees and don’t limit yourself to only decorating on the ground. Look up and consider hanging creatures/displays in your trees or bushes.


Family Approved
If the blood and gore is too much for you and/or your family, think colour and fun. Incorporate Halloween characters like friendly witches, skeletons, bats or ghosts all with smiling faces. Focus more on highlighting what makes Halloween fun and less on the scare factor. Bright garlands and cute window clings or yard signs will help emphasize your message. This theme is also very well suited to simple DIY craft decorations the whole family can help make like paper bag lanterns and giant cutout signs.

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