Five Ways That Paint Can Boost Your Curb Appeal

April 1, 2018 | Do It Yourself (DIY)

The cliche saying that warns you not to read a book by its cover can sometimes prove difficult to remember when you’re staring at a run down, dingy house and trying to remain positive. If you’re less than impressed with your home’s first impression from the curb, there are a few fun projects you can take on that are sure to help spruce things up quickly:


Have Fun With Your Steps

Just because people don’t normally look at steps as a canvas for creativity, doesn’t mean you can’t change their minds with a little paint! Whether it’s a painted carpet running up the stairs or a bold new colour to freshen them up, the project can make a big difference. Preparation is key to pulling this off so make sure to power-wash the steps and sand off any flaking paint before applying the concrete paint to ensure that your work is long lasting. If you’re using painter’s tape to create stripes, try to remove it while the paint is still wet for the cleanest lines and don’t let the tape sit too long in the sun or you’ll have some sticky stripes left behind.


Give Your Fixtures A Facelift

From mailboxes to porch lights, don’t forget that little things can make a big impact. Consider using metallic paint to refresh and brighten up fixtures that would normally be quite bland.


Give Your House Number A Boost

Your house numbers don’t have to only focus on functionality! Use them to give neighbours and visitors a taste of your personality. Find the perfect placement for your number and then get creative with how you display it. Just think, you’ll never have to give the pizza delivery boy detailed directions on the phone ever again!


Decorate Your Shutters

Shutters are an often overlooked feature. Since super original and eclectic shutters may not appeal to everyone, consider choosing something that suits your neighbourhood vibe. If you live somewhere whimsical, go for a cute design or pattern, if you live somewhere a bit more modern, consider a bold colour that compliments the rest of your home’s exterior palette.


Paint Your Garage Door

Challenge yourself to put as much effort into your garage door as you do into the appeal of your front door. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders on what is often a big eyesore for many homes. All it takes is a little colour to create a warm, welcoming vibe and the small investment could pay off big when it comes time to sell!s

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