6 Home Improvement Projects to Tackle During Quarantine

May 19, 2020 | Do It Yourself (DIY)

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Whether you’re a new homeowner or have been settled for many years, there are always new home improvement projects to work on. Even the most satisfying home design can become stale and dated after a few years. With most of us stuck at home due to COVID-19, now’s the time to take advantage of home-bound down time to tackle the home improvement projects you’ve always promised yourself you’ll get to.


These projects are important if you’ve been thinking about moving, or asking yourself ‘can I really sell my house?’ Typically, these internal questions are the precursor to a serious discussion about moving.


If you’re thinking about putting your house on the market, these home improvement projects can add huge value to your home and make it easier to put out to sale. A home that’s fully renovated and staged sells faster than a home that is visibly in need of work.


Whether you’re thinking of moving or simply eager to make your own home more comfortable, there are many projects that can be tackled during quarantine. However, you may encounter issues when securing supplies, as many hardware stores are operating with limited access and strict safety precautions.


Most hardware stores in Ontario are able to open their doors with extra precautions. Many stores also allow you to place orders online or over the phone, and pick up your supplies safely.


Here are a few tips for handling renovations or home improvement projects during quarantine.


  1. Make a list of supplies in advance. You don’t want to be halfway through a project and realize that the part you need to complete your renovation will take 3 weeks to ship.


  1. Keep in mind that getting takeout on a regular basis may be more difficult. It’s wise to avoid kitchen projects that interfere with your ability to cook until after the pandemic is over.


  1. Choose projects that only require one person. With social distancing guidelines still in place, you may not be able to call in a professional or friend to help out.


Tackle These 6 Home Improvement Projects During Quarantine

Tired of watching Netflix, and eager to get your hands busy again? These home improvement projects can help provide entertainment, exercise, and a sense of purpose while in quarantine.


1. Sort through and use up spare paint

We’ve all got a stock of paint that we swore we’d need one day. Make it a goal to sort through spare paint and use it up before it goes bad. Latex paint has a shelf life of about 10 years, while oil-based paint lasts closer to 15 years. It may not look any different in the can, but old paint can have a foul odor, and won’t dry to a smooth finish.


Test out your paints on a piece of cardboard before they go on a wall, and keep only the ones that are within their date. Use the paint you have to touch up scuff marks, or paint an accent wall. If it isn’t clearly labelled, add a label that identifies the project it was used for, as well as the original purchase date. Paint should be tightly sealed before being put away, to help it stay fresh as long as possible.


2. Start a garden

With spring finally here, now is the time to start planning out your garden. If you’ve never taken advantage of your outdoor space, there’s never been a better time. Travel is difficult, so most of us will be home all summer. With access to many parks still restricted, you’ll be grateful you cleaned and tidied your outdoor space before the long days of summer.


If you have an outdoor garden plot, start turning over and fertilizing soil to get it ready for plants. Some people swear by raised garden beds, which can be filled with high-quality, rich soil. Raised beds are great for people who may not be able to bend down all the way to the ground. They also help impede the growth of weeds, cutting down on this annoying chore. Building raised garden beds is a great beginner carpentry project, and can be done with simple 2×4’s.


3. Clean baseboards

One area of the home that doesn’t necessarily get a lot of attention are your baseboards. They may not show dirt as clearly as the floor, but they can get grimy, sticky, and covered in dust if left unchecked.


To clean your baseboards, you’ll want to start by moving all your furniture away from the walls. Then use a dry cloth to pick up dust and debris. Prepare a cleaning solution of dishwashing liquid and water, and use a rag or microfibre cloth to wipe down each baseboard to get rid of stuck-on grime. Don’t move furniture back until the baseboards are completely dry.


4. Plan a cabinet renovation

You’d be surprised how big a difference new cabinetry can make. It may be difficult to tackle a full-scale cabinet renovation now, but you can start by gathering inspiration, setting a budget, and making a plan.


Evaluate the current state of your cabinets, and decide whether you want to keep the layout and simply change their color and style, or rip everything out and start from scratch. Contractors may not be able to take jobs at the moment, but chances are they’d be happy to pencil you in for a consultation as soon as the stay-at-home orders are lifted.


5. Upgrade your lighting

Upgrading your lighting fixtures can really change the look of a room. Your upgrades can be as simple as swapping out lampshades, or you can invest in new ceiling fixtures.


If you haven’t made any changes to your lighting in several years, this will likely be a huge lifestyle upgrade. Modern lighting systems offer features like programmable controls, energy-efficient bulbs, and the ability to dim both the intensity and color temperature of fixtures, creating a customizable lighting experience in every area of your home.


6. Rearrange furniture

A great way to completely refresh a room without spending any money is to rearrange your furniture. All it takes is a bit of heavy lifting, and you can completely change the function and style of your home.


There are two approaches you can take. Some people go in with their sleeves rolled up and just start shifting things around, while others meticulously plan every move. There’s no wrong way to do it.


If you’re more of a planner type, or if you’re looking for inspiration before you start, you can use a planner tool like Planner 5D or Roomstyler 3D Home Planner. These tools help you conceptualize your space and determine whether your furniture will fit into its new configuration.



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With so many people in the Windsor and Essex County area stuck at home, it can be difficult to figure out how to spend your free time, get work done from home, or deal with the uncertainty that comes from the ongoing stay-at-home orders. If you were already feeling like your house was too small or not right for your needs, this time will likely exacerbate those feelings.


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