Tips For Getting It Sold, and Moving On.

April 12, 2018 | Home Selling

No matter how you look at it, divorce is never a pleasant experience.


When you factor in selling a couple’s largest shared asset, their home, it’s important to select an agent (or team) that has experience with divorce sales and will handle your sale with the sensitivity it requires.


Once you’ve made the first step of obtaining legal representation, here are some additional steps that are integral to a smooth process down the road.


  • Obtain a free home market evaluation.
  • Estimate the value of your other assets and liabilities.
  • Make copies of all relevant certificates, contracts and service agreements.
  • Get your finances in order.


Divorce proceedings take time and there are usually additional issues to deal with. This makes selecting the right agent (or team) a big difference for your sanity.


While some real estate agents excel at selling homes, it’s crucial to find an agent (or team) who knows how to deal with both parties compassionately and make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.


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