Top 8 Reasons to Buy a Home in Leamington

June 1, 2020 | Home Buying

The tiny town of Leamington, Ontario is located 40 minutes from Windsor, and just north of Point Pelee National Park. It’s home to around 30,000 people. As the home of one of the largest tomato processing plants in Canada, Leamington is responsible for products like ketchup, tomato paste, and other tomato-based sauces feeding people all over the world. This tomato processing plant has been in operation since 1908, contributing to the town’s nickname of ‘Canada’s Tomato Capital’.


Although its claim to fame is definitely tomatoes, there’s so much more to Leamington than its signature crop. Many people look for a house for sale privately here because they love the peace and quiet. Leamington is close to the amenities of Windsor, but retains a small-town atmosphere, with access to beautiful green areas, amazing food, and much more.


Here are some of our top reasons why you should consider moving to Leamington.


1. Water Access

With much of the Leamington area surrounded by water, it’s no surprise that water sports, boating, and fishing are popular pastimes. Families love to spend warm summer days in Seacliffe Park along Lake Erie, or exploring Point Pelee National Park. There are several fantastic beaches that offer fresh-water swimming, and marshes that are lots of fun to explore.


Coming by boat? The Leamington Municipal Marina is a great place to dock. They can also rent you a bicycle so you can pedal into town.


2. Great Climate

Did you know that Leamington is on the same latitude as the northern part of California? This makes the weather here some of the most mild and sunny in all of Canada. In fact, Point Pelee National Park marks the southernmost part of our country.


Typically, the weather doesn’t stray much below -5°C in the winter months. In the summer months, the temperature varies between 15-25°C- warm and beautiful, but not sweltering. Rainfall in Leamington is moderate, with enough to ensure a lush growing season.


3. Amazing Wildlife

The weather as well as the ecological environment of Leamington helps to support the growth of many incredible species of wildlife. One reason why wildlife has thrived here is because of Point Pelee. This area was established as a national park focused on conservation in 1918- the first to be established for that purpose. The area is primary marsh and woodland, and since it’s warmer than the rest of Canada, there are several species found here that cannot live anywhere else in the country, like the five-lined skink or fox snake.


Many wildlife enthusiasts are also drawn to the Leamington area because of the incredible opportunities for birding and butterfly watching. It’s located at a critical junction of two major migration pathways, and more than 380 species of birds have been spotted here. Thousands of avid birders come here every year to witness the migratory patterns of rare and unusual birds. It has also been a protected area for Monarch butterflies since 1995.


4. Close to Essex County Wineries

If you’re a wine enthusiast, you should make a point to check out Canada’s newest up-and-coming wine region- Essex County. If you settle in Leamington, the wineries of Essex County are all within a 30-minute drive of your front door.


Many of these wineries offer tours and tastings, or you can stop at one of the well-stocked LCBOs to try out a few local favourites.


5. Delicious Produce

One of the benefits of living in such a verdant, lush landscape is that local produce is plentifully and delicious. If you’re not buying directly from a farm stand, you need to check out the Leamington Farmers’ Market. It’s held in a large building on the Leamington Fair Grounds every Saturday. Since it’s held indoors, it’s open year-round. You can pick up produce, meat, and cheese, as well as prepared foods.


6. Mexican Food

In addition to being celebrated for fresh, amazing produce, Leamington is also well-known for their Mexican restaurants. Every year, more than 10,000 migrant workers from Mexico and Central America come to Leamington to work on local farms. This has driven up demand for Mexican food, and led to the establishment of several fantastic local restaurants like Salsa Caliente Mexican Grill and Tacos Tony.


7. Choice of Schools

Families moving into Leamington have the choice of four school districts- public, private, Catholic, and French Catholic. Most schools can be found in downtown Leamington, with a few scattered along Highway 77. In terms of after-school activities, there are lots of choices in Leamington- dance schools, clubs, and team sports like hockey are all very popular.


8. Real Estate Opportunities

Leamington real estate is quite affordable, and offers a lot of options for people who are still making up their minds. You can check out sprawling properties on large acreages with room to grow, or opt for a smaller bungalow or cottage perfect for retirees.


If you’re interested in learning more about what type of real estate is available in Leamington, get in touch with the Dan Gemus Real Estate team. We’re real estate agents based out of Windsor, but we love to help our clients get settled in any area of Essex County.


Give us a call today to find out more about why we’re so in love with Leamington!

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