Top 7 Reasons You’ll Love Living in LaSalle

June 15, 2020 | Home Buying

Although LaSalle, Ontario might look like a quiet bedroom community that relies heavily on the larger city of Windsor, the truth is there’s a lot more to this town than meets the eye. LaSalle is Canada’s oldest continually inhabited European settlement outside of Quebec, and has a rich history all its own.


Although the town’s vibrant history will always attract visitors, many families have settled here because of LaSalle’s community-oriented atmosphere and commitment to the next generation. Its connection to Windsor ensures access to city amenities, but the ample green space and reasonable housing prices have given families both freedom and privacy away from the busy city atmosphere.


Our Windsor real estate agents are always excited when a family walks through our door, looking for a house for sale in LaSalle. Today, we’ll tell you about some of our favourite aspects of this town, and why we think you’ll love living in LaSalle.


1. Canada’s Oldest French Settlement Outside Quebec

LaSalle has a rich history as a French colony and remains proud of its identity as a French-speaking community. Even though most residents now are primarily English speakers, many young people attend French or French Catholic schools and learn the language through immersion.


The town honours its heritage with a replica of Le Griffon, a five-gun ship that belonged to the town’s namesake René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle. The spectacular metal sculpture honouring Le Griffon sits right on the ‘Welcome to LaSalle’ sign and is one of the first things people see when entering the town.


2. Public Transit

After extensive community consultation, LaSalle added a transit system in 2017, and it’s been running successfully for three years, making it easier to get around town without a car.


For older children and teens yearning for independence, this has offered them opportunities to make their way around the town by themselves, and has freed parents from having to constantly chauffeur kids from school to activities and back home again.


3. The Festivals

Although community activities at the Vollmer Culture and Recreation Centre or Civic Centre regularly gather large crowds, nothing can compare to the crowds that come out for the annual summer festivals in LaSalle. The most popular are the LaSalle Strawberry Festival, held on the first weekend in June, and the LaSalle Craft Beer Festival.


Both of these festivals celebrate local food and drink, and gather huge crowds eager to taste the local bounty, and spend time with friends and family. The 2020 Strawberry Festival was unfortunately cancelled, but we look forward to its return in 2021!


4. Plentiful Trails

With plenty of green space throughout the town, it’s no surprise that many families love to take advantage of these beautiful open areas to get on their bikes and explore. The LaSalle Trail network is 40km long and connects to the Windsor Trail, which reaches all the way to the waterfront in the downtown core. These trails are paved smooth, which makes it easy to bicycle, run, or walk as far as you desire.


5. Excellent Restaurants

Although there are plenty of Windsor restaurants close by, the city of LaSalle has many local eateries that serve excellent food. Some local favourites include Antonino’s Original Pizza, Joe Schmoe’s Eat N Drinks, and the Springwell Pub. Most of these restaurants are located along Front Road, or in Malden Village along Malden Road.


6. Job Opportunities

Most families who move to LaSalle end up working in Windsor or outside the city in other areas of Essex County. Within this area, manufacturing, retail, and tool and die are three of the most popular careers. The town of LaSalle is home to many well-off families, with an average employment income of $78,208 per household. The current average household size sits at 3.1, compared to a national average of 2.9.


7. Affordable Housing

With an above-average household income available to most LaSalle residents, it’s no surprise to learn that there are many fantastic real estate opportunities here. Whether you’re looking to build your own house or invest in a beautiful heritage home, there are plenty of options available. Many of the houses on the market today are perfect for an extended family, or a nuclear family that need plenty of space for remote work, hobbies, and visiting guests.


Want to Explore LaSalle with One of Our Windsor Real Estate Agents?


Whether you’re looking to retire or want to ensure an easy commute into Windsor for work, there’s something in LaSalle for everyone. This vibrant small town offers incredible opportunities for community connections. Also relaxing privacy once you’re home for the night.


Want to explore the real estate currently available in LaSalle? Get in touch with one of our Windsor real estate agents. We love showing off our favourite small towns in Essex County, and are always available to talk about town life. Call us for upcoming available real estate opportunities from public and private house sales.

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